Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Promise.

We have been working hard making the vividbraille brand what it is today. A lot of reorganization, designing, marketing personal shit and more have all had a part in a lack of input on our "Seen & Felt" blog. I was watching the Discovery Channel today and they had a story on Ancient Egypt and some of these tombs they were uncovering. Its amazing all the layers of history there are to just one simple story, Its been said we all have a story to tell, I believe this to be true. Anyways, these archaeologists were trying to find the sons of a King from Egypt many years ago, they said they had all the writings of these princes existence just no signs of their burial grounds. There was a tomb that had been explored in the early 1800's by an archaeologists of that time, little findings in this tomb had been reported, this explorers last name was Burton if I recall correctly, Burton pronounced the tomb useless and basically worked on the other tombs surrounding this particular one, he disregarded this tomb so much it was used as place to throw debris and other waste from the digging that was happening around it. I think you know were I'm going with this, recently an explorer had a hunch with some evidence backing it that this tomb may be of serious significance. Sure enough it is the largest tomb in this particular valley and may be the biggest in all of Egypt. Not only does it appear to be the resting place for these princes, but many others and valuable artifacts. I like to speak with illustrations, some more fitting than others as you will see. The last part of this documentary had the current explorer who is digging up this tomb, he seemed excited throughout the whole episode, and understandably so. The only thing was is that at the time of the making of this show he wasn't even half way done digging the tomb out, and the actual discoveries such as it being the burial place of these ancient princes hadn't been confirmed yet with actual mummies just writings and clues they had uncovered on the walls. The amazing thing is this is another 5-7 years from being completed, they said the tomb is roughly half the size of a football field and it all must be dug by hand and with extreme detail. The debris is not only from Burton the early 1800's explorer but from storms and flooding for the last couple thousand years. My point is that we are on an expedition that we are excited about called vividbraille, we can seemingly disappear, but this is an illusion. We are paying more attention to the details than ever in the fields of design, fashion, branding, marketing, life, love and ourselves. I hope to be able to make regular inputs to document this journey not only for ourselves but for all those interested in what the hell we are up to. I hope everyone has something they are digging away at, even the rest of the world doesn't understand or comprehend what you see.


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