Thursday, December 27, 2007

Vividbraille Taking it Personal

Vividbraille is pursuing personal type relationships with its client base. The requirements will be simple: to have a sincere interest in design and fashion. That's it, we will take care of the rest by offering exclusive products, special previews to upcoming collections, available Vividbraille goods only available through VB directly, upcoming events and more. This client list will be looked to first for any research conducted as we communicate with our customers to ensure the very best in both our fineries offered and customer satisfaction. We will also offer our latest collections to this list as well. To be apart of this exclusive client list simply send an email to and request to be put in the "exclusive client" database. Include as many ways to contact you as you would like, also include your first and last name and verify or add email addresses you wish to be put on the list. Also feel free to send over any thoughts, feelings, fantasies or hate mail related to Vividbraille as you see fit. At some point we will conclude any additions to this list, so get in where you fit in.

Keep the dream alive,


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We are too Excited!

Vividbraille had the pleasure to collaborate on a photoshoot with Gavin Smith Photography. The shoot was an exceptional one synergyzing Vividbraille's garments and look with Gavin's eye for pushing the envelope and creating an amazing final product. The shoot was held at his brand new Studio in Grand Blanc, MI. We will have so much more including photos and more info on both the shoot and Gavin's brand new studio. Stay tuned...
Femilia Holiday Fashion Event

Recently Brock and Jeremy of Vividbraille had the opportunity to hang in the D and check out the latest designs from Femilia Street Couture. Swing by and check out Femilia at
Project 3 Opens in Royal Oak!

We are stoked to announce the opening of Project 3, a new store front in Royal Oak who carry Vividbraille. Project 3 is owned by long time friends Brandon Dalaly and Joey Marcus. Make sure to check them out at 412 S. Washington, Royal Oak.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Vividbraille sighting featured in this months Vapors! Issue 44

check it all out at