Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Most recently we came across this amazing fashion creature who goes by the name of Sham. Sham is the "editor-at-large" of, which is a fashion and lifestyle publication, and it is the online home to a group of some of the most innovative fashion people you will ever meet.

"We love fashion; we live and breathe it daily.When we wake up at 5:00am we're browsing through the latest Vogue magazine and flipping through pages where we've taken the time to label them with post-its of the things we plan on buying" says Sham.

What makes different from the thousands of fashion blogs out there is that you not only read their fashion point of view, you see it as well. The lateboots contributors personal style accounts for a lot of their online following, because this is not something they do...but something they are, and I believe people will always be drawn to genuine passion. So here's some of the people who make it all happen. Be sure to log on to




Richy Ross

Jennifer Pauline



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