Friday, March 21, 2008


Having trouble figuring out how to wear your best
new purchase(a vividbraille shirt)?? Well here's
a few suggestions, from me to you! Sorry fellas I'm
a little bias towards the ladies on this one.

Ok, so lets say you just bought the Goodbye Tunic.

I would pair this shirt with a more interesting pair of jeans,
like the these grey Acne Jeans. Very very slim fit, which can
be worn easily with a tunic.Retailing at $249

For a simple but interesting accessory, I would add this light weight stripe scarf
from for $7.80. It has a few different colors in it, but it also has
the red from the shirt. No one likes to be matchy matchy.

For the final and most important piece, shoes, I would take
this in a more casual direction with one of vb's favorite sneaker
lines Creative Recreation. Galow Hi in white, retailing at $100
Problem Solved!
-Doni W


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