Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some of us feel hungry for new music. If you’re like me, you’ve been bumping pirated versions of Santogold, The Cool Kids, Amanda Blank and Robyn before they ever played SXSW. What can I say? Music keeps me up at night. I need it to function, and that need requires I feed my hunger with new music as often as possible. That’s where Rob Roy comes in.

Rob Roy came to my attention a very long time ago, and I friend-requested him on MySpace. Recently, he posted a bulletin and lured me back to his page. Now, I often stop back once a day to play through his music. With any luck, I will get to meet Rob in a few months and possibly collaborate with him musically.


Listen to “Fur in My Cap”

I asked him how he composes his songs. Rob approaches his producer with a song concept (lyrics and scraps of a melody/arrangement) and they flesh out the parts together.

As a songwriter in three different projects (as a solo artist, in the 5-piece rock band “taste this!”, and in the electro-dance duo “Stereoluxxx”), I’ve learned to write in various situations, and the voice that emerges is always markedly different depending on the creative environment. I wonder where Rob was mentally when he created this track, “Rollercoaster Baby”:

Maybe it’s the slightly off-kilter, push and pull delivery leading into that swelling hook, but something about this track grabs my imagination. It’s a good sign when I want to make music after hearing a record.

-Tunde Olaniran

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