Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hot Topic:

Gender Bending

Yesterday during my monthly trip to Barnes and Noble's I picked up the usual stack of mags to see what the people had to say this month. I flipped through Zink Magazine and i-D Magazine, and surprisingly both magazines were based on the same topics, blurred gender lines. There were men dressed in dresses and outrageous shoes, and women in menswear, the images were very intriguing.

When I looked at Zink, I stopped and thought about how most of the magazine is amazing photos and editorial shots, with the minimal amount of actual writing. It made me think that maybe by Zink being a fashion mag, they want the photos and clothes to speak for themselves. Sometimes an amazing dress or excellently designed bag is self-explanatory. Well this time around i-D wanted a dress and high heels to speak from a males perspective. If you have time you really should swing by your local bookstore to see what these two mags came up with.Very interesting.

-Doni W


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