Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Miss Doni W.

So many people think fashion to be designing, partying and partying a little more. I have had the opportunity to work with students, professionals and everyone in between. Those who have met me know that I can be a lil overbearing at times due to an obsession with creating the most intelligent fashion label in the world known as Vividbraille. I have outworked, outlasted and at times simply ran off a number of talented people on this journey called design and fashion. There is something to be said about someone who understands the hard work behind the glitz and glamor of fashion and someone who has the patience and understanding to work next to me. I would like to introduce you to someone who has been running with me step for step for the last several months. Donyale aka Doni W. has had her hands in a number of projects ranging from editor of a magazine, to running several blogs including Vividbraille's. Thanks miss Donyale keep doing what you do!



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