Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sweet Smells...

Of Mary-Jane??

"Cannabis Rose Eau de Parfum is the ultra-sensual and completely intoxicating floral counterpart to the highly popular Cannabis Santal Collection. Top notes burst with the captivating aroma of Bulgarian roses infused with pomegranate flower and Italian bergamot. An alluring blend of cannabis accord, sheer jasmine, and rich dark chocolate make the heart of this sultry scent truly intoxicating, while base notes of white musk, patchouli, and oolong tea leave a lasting sensual finish."

Now that's's description of the "Cannabis Rose", but I want to see what it really smells like. And the most important thing...will I catch a contact??? lol. Personally I do not find the aroma of Marijuana tantalizing enough to where I'd want to spritz it on before a night out on the town. I might get arrested or something. Anywho, if you get a chance to smell it, give me the real scoop on how "Cannibus Rose" smells.

-Doni W.


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