Sunday, May 25, 2008

Must Read:
How to Re-Imagine The World

How To Re-Imagine The World is an excellent read for those looking to see the world as a glass half full. It talks about planting seeds, sparking people's creativity, and thinking bigger to achieve more. It's efforts are to impact social transformation, but can easily be related to any idea you have for change, whether personal, political, or physical. The book is relatively small compared to others that discuss these issues, and this is because it gets straight to the point and explains things in a way that is simple to understand...minimal examples and fluff. Swing by to grab a copy of How To Re-Imagine The World by Anthony Weston.

-Doni W


Friday, May 23, 2008

Party, Party, Party...and Fashion Show

We have gotten to know a few cool peeps since moving to the Detroit area. Vividbraille will be putting on a surprise fashion show. (not so much a surprise when you post a blog about it) We are celebrating a going away party with Miss Desire. Many of you know her as the sexiest bar tender in the "D" at the one and only Club V. Get in where you fit in, the party will be packed to say the least. To get on the VIP list send email to make subject "vip list"

Monday, May 12, 2008

Helmut Newton
I couldn't help being drawn to the work of Mr. Helmut Newton. It seems that those artist that appeal to me most have this timeless style and content that is woven into their work. It is amazing to me Newton's work and how his style is not only relevant but more advanced than most work today. Anyone interested in fashion and photography has to be completely enthralled with the rawness and depth to Helmut's work. He was born in Germany in 1920, as a young Jewish male he fled the country in 1938. As I've read about Helmut it is amazing like so many others who have made their mark on their respective field, that he to experienced his fair share of troubles as he pursued his dreams and passions. He eventually traveled the world and created the name for himself that we know today as Helmut Newton. For more info visit

Monday, May 05, 2008

Two Birds, One Stone

I think I've finally seen it all. A toilet sink combination for those who are tight on space...not tight on money because this baby is over $4,000. This looks suitable for a jail cell, it's so sterile and intimidating, if I walked into your bathroom and you had one of these...I think I'd just hold it.

Well if you are interested, this can be purchased on, and just so you know the toilet can be assembled on the right or left side...fancy.

-Doni W.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Vividbraille Retailers:

Along with online purchasing, you can pick up vb merchandise at retailers throughout the Michigan area. Visit House of Chants and Dolce Moda for our newest collection.