Monday, May 12, 2008

Helmut Newton
I couldn't help being drawn to the work of Mr. Helmut Newton. It seems that those artist that appeal to me most have this timeless style and content that is woven into their work. It is amazing to me Newton's work and how his style is not only relevant but more advanced than most work today. Anyone interested in fashion and photography has to be completely enthralled with the rawness and depth to Helmut's work. He was born in Germany in 1920, as a young Jewish male he fled the country in 1938. As I've read about Helmut it is amazing like so many others who have made their mark on their respective field, that he to experienced his fair share of troubles as he pursued his dreams and passions. He eventually traveled the world and created the name for himself that we know today as Helmut Newton. For more info visit


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