Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am a creative person. I like to make visually stunning things across a number of different mediums. However, my creative growth is often stunted by the mundane things I have to do to keep the gears of my life grinding. My creative carcass often needs a visual jumpstart, or a sensory shock through one of my other four, to come back to life. Things that I see in my everyday life are often responsible for this resurrection if viewed in another light. However, ever so sporadically, I resort to the web for inspiration. One site in particular that provides constant visual sensory overload is . This collection of compelling images not only inspires me, but also makes me question my skills. I hope you find as much inspiration in this site as I do. I am sure it will be so popular at the vb offices that work will immediately halt.

-Cam Gzym-


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