Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Designing, Printing, Sewing, Shipping...Start from the top

Its been busy round here to say the least. Carl has come in town for the weekend to help handle some of the overflow of work related to orders and new designs (available this winter). Right now its about hitting deadlines for orders which included stores such as Akira/Chicago and Adam and Eve/West Bloomfield. A few of you are also aware of the "jacket project" I offered to some of my friends. I gave a hand full of people the opportunity to preorder product before it has even been produced or conceived for that matter. Thats some serious faith to purchase a product based off my vague description without out seeing anything in a tangible form. Thanks guys for your patience, your goods should be finishing up soon! Visit your local Vividbraille retailer to peak at the latest from our Laboratories.



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