Saturday, June 27, 2009

From Austin to Dallas and back again

Technology is crazy, Im posting this using my laptop and phone as a modem. Awesome! we are riding back from a day in Dallas. I had a chance to check out a couple of stores including Centre a store I have looked forward to checking out for some time. It didn't disappoint. A great store with a great vibe. Check out the latest from Centre at

Friday, June 26, 2009

We’d like to take time out to introduce Chad Swiatecki as a contributor to the blog. Chad lives in the Live Music Capitol of the World, Austin, Texas and currently writes for
He’ll be bringing his thoughts and opinions on all things music to the blog once a week or so and you can count on him to speak his mind after appearances over the years in SPIN, Alternative Press, URB, CMJ New Music Monthly and Details magazine, along with
You can also follow him on Twitter at @theechad and @ubthedj.
A Michigan native, Chad got started in music throwing all-ages punk and heavy metal shows in his home town of Saginaw, Mich. and spent eight years as a writer and community activist in Flint, Mich., where he also met Brock early in the vividbraille journey.
Dude’s got game. We’re glad to have him here. You will be too.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Eatthecake NYC Photography x Vividbraille Photo shoot

We are pulling back the curtains of our latest shoot. Vividbraille had the privilege to work with Chris Carr and Eatthecake NYC Photography this past month in the big apple. If you haven't came across Eatthecake NYC's work yet, then this introduction is long overdue (and you don't know shit). This is only the beginning of a series of shoots and campaigns lead by Chris Carr's crew. Enjoy this unedited peak at only a fraction of things to come. Cant wait to see the rest!!!


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Chicago: Visiting Akira and more Part 2

More pics from the weekend. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Chicago: Jason's bday weekend part 1

Im posting this now as Im driving home from another great weekend in the windy city. I love technology by the way, the fact that I can cruise down the highway and get online always tickles me. Im still not adjusted to the 21st century apparently.

Me and Miles (vb model and friend, you will see more of) stayed the weekend in Chicago enjoying the city, partying and hanging with great people. Saturday night was a lot of fun, Jason's roommate Dave threw a great party with new and familiar faces alike. It was a little (actually got kinda big) belated birthday party for Jason. Akira is a place I always try to swing through when Im in town, and this trip was no different. The store is looking as great as ever with all the latest goods needed to maintain the big city lifestyle. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Vividbraille shirt in the window of the mens store. Thanks Akira! Thanks Jason, Dave, Emily and the Chicago crew for always making for a great weekend. Till next time Chitown.

Enjoy the pics, thanks in large part to Miles

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Canvas Prints Now Available

Introducing the first two paintings by Brock Willsey(Designer Vividbraille). These prints will be available per customer request. Only 10 prints will be available per painting. The larger print 60" x 48" features the "Seen & Felt" design featured on a number of Vividbraille goods. The "Crown" print measures 36" x 48" and features a design that will be included in upcoming Vividbraille collections. Every mounted canvas print will be signed and numbered. Pricing starts at 350.00. For sales arrangements email

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Preview New Vividbraille Goods

The "Communication Vices" image will be featured on a couple different pieces in an upcoming collection by Vividbraille. Release date is still unknown. Relating to the design is text taken from the book "Social Intelligence" by Daniel Goldman. I ran across this text after finishing the design. The whole collection has an undertone of communication or lack of it, in today's society. Enjoy.

The preference for helping those similar to ourselves washes away when we are face-to-face with someone in agony or dire straits. In a direct encounter with such a person the primal brain-to-brain link makes us experience their suffering as our own-and to immediately prepare to help. And that direct confrontaion with suffering was once the rule in human affairs, in the vast period when encounters were always within feet or yards, rather than at the artificial removes of modern life.

The possible answers are manifold, enumerated by countless experiments in social psychology. Bu the simplest answer may be that modern life militates against it: we largely relate to those in need at a distance. That separation means we experience "cognitive" empathy rather than the immediacy of direct emotional contagion.

As Preston and de Wall note, "In today's era of e-mail, commutiong, frequent moves, and bedroom communities, the scales are increasingly tipped against the automatic and accurate perception of others' emotional state, without which empathy is impossible." Modern-day social and virtual distances have created an anomaly in human living, though one we now take to be the norm. This separation mutes empathy, absent which altruism falters.