Sunday, June 07, 2009

Chicago: Jason's bday weekend part 1

Im posting this now as Im driving home from another great weekend in the windy city. I love technology by the way, the fact that I can cruise down the highway and get online always tickles me. Im still not adjusted to the 21st century apparently.

Me and Miles (vb model and friend, you will see more of) stayed the weekend in Chicago enjoying the city, partying and hanging with great people. Saturday night was a lot of fun, Jason's roommate Dave threw a great party with new and familiar faces alike. It was a little (actually got kinda big) belated birthday party for Jason. Akira is a place I always try to swing through when Im in town, and this trip was no different. The store is looking as great as ever with all the latest goods needed to maintain the big city lifestyle. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Vividbraille shirt in the window of the mens store. Thanks Akira! Thanks Jason, Dave, Emily and the Chicago crew for always making for a great weekend. Till next time Chitown.

Enjoy the pics, thanks in large part to Miles


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