Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Preview New Vividbraille Goods

The "Communication Vices" image will be featured on a couple different pieces in an upcoming collection by Vividbraille. Release date is still unknown. Relating to the design is text taken from the book "Social Intelligence" by Daniel Goldman. I ran across this text after finishing the design. The whole collection has an undertone of communication or lack of it, in today's society. Enjoy.

The preference for helping those similar to ourselves washes away when we are face-to-face with someone in agony or dire straits. In a direct encounter with such a person the primal brain-to-brain link makes us experience their suffering as our own-and to immediately prepare to help. And that direct confrontaion with suffering was once the rule in human affairs, in the vast period when encounters were always within feet or yards, rather than at the artificial removes of modern life.

The possible answers are manifold, enumerated by countless experiments in social psychology. Bu the simplest answer may be that modern life militates against it: we largely relate to those in need at a distance. That separation means we experience "cognitive" empathy rather than the immediacy of direct emotional contagion.

As Preston and de Wall note, "In today's era of e-mail, commutiong, frequent moves, and bedroom communities, the scales are increasingly tipped against the automatic and accurate perception of others' emotional state, without which empathy is impossible." Modern-day social and virtual distances have created an anomaly in human living, though one we now take to be the norm. This separation mutes empathy, absent which altruism falters.


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