Monday, July 27, 2009

Going away party reviewed.

What a great time, enjoy a look at the last weekend in the D.

Friday, July 24, 2009

vividbraille x gavin smith photography

I'm excited for tomorrow mornings shoot. Photo shoots have never been one of my favorite aspects of running a fashion label. The hours, organization, traveling and other variables necessary can make for a loooooonnnnnnggggg day. I can say this is a shoot I'm actually looking forward to, I believe familiarity with both photographers, models and stylist can do that. Thanks in advance to all those Ill be sipping coffee with over flashes, mascara and hair spray. Here are some random pics to honor the occasion.


Taking the show on the road

Yes it is true. Ive decided to take the show to Chi City. I hope to have a better opportunity meeting the demands of the Midwest region. I look forward to energy that comes with living in a big city such as Chicago. This will be my first time moving out of the state of Michigan. The process of moving has been full of both excitement and reflection. I look forward to what the future hold!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

nostologic [nos-tuh-loj-ik]

I've been rummaging through some old pics with Miles. I decided to share some of these discovery's. Some of these photos are from as far back as 2003. Damn. More to come!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aug. 1 - Get Ready for the Next VB

Hey everyone. Just got sneak peaks of the next phase of vividbraille - new goods, loads of new photo sets, and a whole new VB experience online - and all I can say is you're going to love it. Brock and his team have put a ton of thought, time and resources into moving the label not just forward but upward, and it's going to pay off soon.

Aug. 1 is the target for the unveiling, but check back here for more info before the big day.
-Chad Swiatecki


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

House of Chants delivery

It is official! The latest vb goods have just been delivered to House of Chants in Ferndale Michigan. The vibe of the store is perfect and has an easy going staff with a great selection of fashion and accessories. Ask for Linda and tell her Vividbraille sent you!

House of Chants

210 W. 9 Mile Road
Ferndale, MI 48220
(248) 414-9170

Friday, July 03, 2009

The beauty of Not Giving A Fuck

Let's take a minute to appreciate the nearly lost art of Not Giving A Fuck. A sub-Zen state of being - somewhere between nihilism (which to this mind is just Marxism minus the ambition required for economic overthrow) and hippiedom's tendencies to get uptight over just about anyone or thing that doesn't agree with them, "maaaan..." - it's an elusive but admirable balance to strike.

Hunter S. Thompson did Not Give A Fuck. The Dude from "The Big Lebowski" did Not Give A Fuck. And after seeing Harlem, one of Austin's brightest new bands, over the July 4th weekend I can say with a certainty that Harlem does Not Give A Fuck. That's a high compliment coming from these fingers. Like The Kinks gone beautifully sloppy, they play two-and-a-half minute nuggets of sing-along fuzz that are just about perfect, even when they have to start the same song two or three times live to get it right. They just signed to indie powerhouse Matador Records and will probably be in your city soon. Go see them and you'll smile, even if you Don't Give A Fuck.
-Chad Swiatecki
@ubthe dj

While Brock was in Texas last month we stopped to grab some food after a quick trip to Dallas. The TV at the restaurant was locked into an all-weekend tribute to Michael Jackson (who had died a few days earlier) and it was hard to not get sucked back into a time warp to our childhoods when the original MJ was omnipresent on the radio, TV and in print. The music had well-established channels in our heads and we talked a bit about that, but the thing that really struck us as we watched footage from 20-30 years ago was how daring Michael Jackson was on the fashion front. Part of it was certainly because his life was never grounded in reality, but what that produced was someone who would try just about anything and usually pull it off. Look again at that picture above with the Reagans; who else would even ponder wearing a sequined faux-naval jacket and glitter glove to meet the leader of the free world? Only someone who had no fear or reservations about expressing himself.

But that's just one example of dozens. The leather vest/jackets, The Glove, the glitter shirt from "Rock With You," the whatever the hell it is he's wearing on the cover and video of "Bad," or dancing around like a goddamn pharaoh in "Remember The Time" - the guy would try anything. While it usually raised eyebrows, he made his choices work for him and traces of the things Jackson tried sartorially usually trickled into mainstream fashion before too long.

So what do we take from this? Don't be afraid to step out on a ledge to express yourself, but if you do you have to own it 100 percent. MJ had the money and fame to wall himself off from naysayers (for a while, anyway) but I'm willing to bet that even if he didn't he still would've rocked most of the apparel and looks that he did. Having that need to stand out is just how he was built. And while a lot of his life (especially its second half) was a cautionary tale about the effects of fame, one thing we can all hold him up for is an example of how to constantly take chances you believe in.
-Chad Swiatecki

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The rest of Austin

Here is the grand finally of pics from the Austin trip.

A couple of hours before leaving Austin we had the privilege of catching up with Jeff the owner of downSTAIRS a store with a nice mix of accessories and clothes. Jeff has been in the fashion business for several years and you can tell by the exceptional selection in his store. Vividbraille will be hitting their racks in the next 2-3 weeks. We will be working hard getting the goods to downSTAIRS.
2110 South Lamar/Suite E
Austin, TX 78704

More from Austin (Saturday June 28th)

Im little behind on posting so I will reflect back on the Austin trip this past weekend. On Saturday we had a chance to check out a couple of great stores in Austin. Im never 100% on vacation as I am always checking out the fashion scene in any given city. Austin was a great place with both great people and fashion alike (music goes without being said). These are pics of a store called Motive (met the owner Fahad, was real knoweledgable in all forms of fashion, not just the streetwear scene) a great store with a great selection of sneakers and clothes alike. The tempeture was over 100 degrees except the final day, and even the locals were saying this was hot for Texas standards. We visited Barton Springs a couple of times to cool down (its a natural spring from what Im told in the city that stay 68 degrees or so at all times)