Friday, July 03, 2009

The beauty of Not Giving A Fuck

Let's take a minute to appreciate the nearly lost art of Not Giving A Fuck. A sub-Zen state of being - somewhere between nihilism (which to this mind is just Marxism minus the ambition required for economic overthrow) and hippiedom's tendencies to get uptight over just about anyone or thing that doesn't agree with them, "maaaan..." - it's an elusive but admirable balance to strike.

Hunter S. Thompson did Not Give A Fuck. The Dude from "The Big Lebowski" did Not Give A Fuck. And after seeing Harlem, one of Austin's brightest new bands, over the July 4th weekend I can say with a certainty that Harlem does Not Give A Fuck. That's a high compliment coming from these fingers. Like The Kinks gone beautifully sloppy, they play two-and-a-half minute nuggets of sing-along fuzz that are just about perfect, even when they have to start the same song two or three times live to get it right. They just signed to indie powerhouse Matador Records and will probably be in your city soon. Go see them and you'll smile, even if you Don't Give A Fuck.
-Chad Swiatecki
@ubthe dj


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