Wednesday, July 01, 2009

More from Austin (Saturday June 28th)

Im little behind on posting so I will reflect back on the Austin trip this past weekend. On Saturday we had a chance to check out a couple of great stores in Austin. Im never 100% on vacation as I am always checking out the fashion scene in any given city. Austin was a great place with both great people and fashion alike (music goes without being said). These are pics of a store called Motive (met the owner Fahad, was real knoweledgable in all forms of fashion, not just the streetwear scene) a great store with a great selection of sneakers and clothes alike. The tempeture was over 100 degrees except the final day, and even the locals were saying this was hot for Texas standards. We visited Barton Springs a couple of times to cool down (its a natural spring from what Im told in the city that stay 68 degrees or so at all times)


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